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Astronomy Publications

Bloom, J. V. et al. 2017, "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Asymmetry in Gas Kinematics and its links to Stellar Mass and Star Formation", MNRAS, in press (arXiv)

Oh, S. et al. 2017, "The SAMI galaxy survey: Galaxy Interactions and Kinematic Anomalies in Abell 119", ApJ, in press (arXiv)

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Alatalo, K. et al. 2016, "Shocked POststarburst Galaxy Survey I: Candidate Post-Starburst Galaxies with Emission Line Ratios Consistent with Shocks", ApJS, 224, 38 (ADS)

Davies, R.L. Medling, A.M., U, V., Max, C.E., Sanders, D.B., Kewley, L.J. 2016, "Reconstructing Merger Timelines Using Star Cluster Age Distributions: The Case of MCG+08-11-002", MNRAS, 458, 158 (ADS)

Ho, I-T., Medling, A.M., et al. 2016, "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: extraplanar gas, galactic winds, and their association with star formation history", MNRAS, 457, 1257 (ADS)

Graham, A.W., Durré, M., Savorgnan, G.A.D, Medling, A.M., Batcheldor, D., Scott, N., Watson, B., Marconi, A. 2016, "A Normal Supermassive Black Hole in NGC 1277", ApJ, 819, 43

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Medling, A.M., U, V., Rich, J.A., Kewley, L.J., Armus, L., Dopita, M.A., Max, C.E., Sanders, D., Sutherland, R. 2015, "Shocked Gas in RAS F17207-0014:ISM Collisions and Outflows", MNRAS, 448, 2301 (ADS)

Bryant, J.J. et al. 2015, "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: instrument specification and target selection", MNRAS, 447, 2857 (ADS)

McElroy, R., Croom, S.M., Pracy, M., Sharp, R., Ho, I-T., Medling, A.M. 2015, "IFU observations of luminous type II AGN - I. Evidence for ubiquitous winds", MNRAS, 446, 2186 (ADS)

Allen, J.T. et al. 2015, "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Early Data Release", MNRAS, 446, 1567 (ADS)

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Cortese, L. et al. 2015, "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Toward a Unified Dynamical Scaling Relation for Galaxies of All Types", ApJL, 795, 37 (ADS)

Medling, A.M., U, V., Guedes, J., Max, C.E., Mayer, L., Armus, L., Holden, B., Roškar, R., Sanders, D. 2014, "Stellar and Gaseous Nuclear Disks Observed in Nearby (U)LIRGs", ApJ, 784, 70 (ADS)

U, V., Medling, A.M., Sanders, D., Max, C., Armus, L., Iwasawa, K., Evans, A., Kewley, L. & Fazio, G. 2013, "The Inner Kiloparsec of Mrk 273 with Keck Adaptive Optics", ApJ, 775, 115 (ADS)

Medling, A.M., Ammons, S.M., Max, C.E., Davies, R.I., Engel, H. & Canalizo, G. 2011, "Mass of the Southern Black Hole in NGC 6240 from Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics", ApJ, 743, 32 (ADS)

Engel, H., Davies, R. I., Genzel, R., Tacconi, L. J., Hicks, E. K. S., Sturm, E., Naab, T., Johansson, P. H., Karl, S. J., Max, C. E., Medling, A. & van der Werf, P.P. 2010, "NGC 6240: merger-induced star formation and gas dynamics", A&A, 524, A56 (ADS)

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Rajala, A., et al, 2005, "Photometric Typing Analyses of Three Young Supernovae Observed with the Robotic Palomar 60 Inch Telescope", PASP, 117, 132 (ADS pdf)

Rajala, A., Fox, D.B. & Gal-Yam, A. 2004a, IAU Circ., 8386, 4 (web)

Rajala, A., Fox, D.B. & Gal-Yam, A. 2004b, ATel, 320 (web)

Rajala, A., Fox, D.B. & Gal-Yam, A. 2004c, IAU Circ., 8387 (web)

You'll notice that I got married! Hence the name change: until 2008 I published under my maiden name (Anne Rajala).

Education Publications

McConnell, N.J., Medling, A. M., Strubbe, L. E., Moth, P., Montgomery, R. M., Raschke, L. M., Hunter, L. & Goza, B. K. 2010, "A College-Level Inquiry-Based Laboratory Activity on Transiting Planets", ASPC, 436, 97 (ADS)