Hey, I'm Matthew and I'm an astrophysics PhD student at Mount Stromlo Observatory and Data61. I'm interested in using machine learning and citizen science to tackle exploration of wide-area radio surveys, focusing on radio-loud active galactic nuclei. I'm also a tutor with the Research School of Computer Science at the Australian National University. Since 2014 I've tutored some combination of Programming for Scientists, Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning, and Programming as Problem Solving. My other website is here.


Radio Galaxy Zoo: Machine learning for radio source host galaxy cross-identification

Alger, M. J.; Banfield, J. K.; Ong, C. S.; Rudnick, L.; Wong, O. I.; Wolf, C.; Andernach, H.; Norris, R. P.; Shabala, S. S. 2018, MNRAS arXiv preprint

Radio Galaxy Zoo: ClaRAN - A Deep Learning Classifier for Radio Morphologies

Wu, C; Wong, O. I.; Rudnick, L.; Shabala, S. S.; Alger, M. J.; Banfield, J. K.; Ong, C. S.; White, S. V; Garon, A. F.; Norris, R. P.; Andernach, H.; Tate, J.; Lukic, V.; Tang, H.; Schawinski, K.; Diakogiannis, F. I. Submitted to MNRAS arXiv preprint