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Stellar structure model data during the Asymptotic Giant Branch phase. If you use these
data please provide a reference to the following paper:

Karakas & Lattanzio (2007, PASA, submitted)

Each file contains:

1) pulse number 
2) the core mass, Mcore (Msun)
3) maximum mass of the intershell convection zone, M_csh (Msun)
4) duration of intershell convection, t_csh (years)
5) mass dredged into the envelope, D_dredge (Msun)
6) lambda
7) lambda_dup defined by Goriely & Mowlavi (= lambda x (DMh/Mpulse) where
 	Mpulse is the maximum mass of the intershell convection zone, given in column 2
8) maximum temperature in the He-shell, THeshell (K)
9) maximum temperature at the base of the convective envelope during the
	previous interpulse period, Tbce (K)
10) maximum temperature in the H-shell during the previous interpulse period, THshell (K)
11) interpulse period (years) - note that the first entry is set to zero
12) the total mass, Mtot (Msun)
13) maximum radiated luminosity during the interpulse period, MaxL (Lsun)
14) maximum He-luminosity during a thermal pulse, MaxLHe (Lsun)

All units are in solar units except temperatures, which are in kelvin and
times, which are in years.