OzDES Publications

Mudd et al. 2017 - "Discovery of a z=0.65 Post-Starburst BAL Quasar in the DES Supernova Fields"

Lidman et al. 2017 (AAO Observer Article) - "News from OzDES"

Tie et al. 2016 - "A Study of Quasar Selection in the Dark Energy Survey Supernova fields"

Lidman et al. 2016 (AAO Observer Article) - "OzDES reaches the half way mark"

Hinton et al. 2016 (Marz) - "Marz: Manual and automatic redshifting software"

Yuan et al. 2015 (OzDES Survey Description Paper) - "OzDES multi-fibre spectroscopy for the Dark Energy Survey: first-year operation and results"

Lidman et al. 2015 (AAO Observer Article) - "News from OzDES"

King et al. 2015 (AGN RM Simulations) - "Simulations of the OzDES AGN Reverberation Mapping Project"

Kuehn et al. 2014 (AAO Observer Article) - "OzDES and the Dark Energy Survey"

DES Papers with OzDES co-authors:

Ostrovski et al. 2016 - "VDES J2325-5229 a z=2.7 gravitationally lensed quasar discovered using morphology independent supervised machine learning"

Gupta et al. (2016) - "Host Galaxy Identification for Supennova Surveys"

Dark Energy Survey et al. (2016) - "The Dark Energy Survey: more than dark energy - an overview"

Rykoff et al. (2016) - "The redMaPPer Galaxy Cluster Catalog From DES Science Verification Data"

Smith et al.. (2015) - "DES14X3taz: A Type I Superluminous Supernova Showing a Luminous, Rapidly Cooling Initial Pre-Peak Bump"

Nord et al. 2015 (DES-SN) - "Observation and Confirmation of Six Strong Lensing Systems in The Dark Energy Survey Science Verification Data"

Kessler et al. 2015 (DES-SN) - "The Difference Imaging Pipeline for the Transient Search in the Dark Energy Survey"

Rozo et al. 2015 - "redMaGiC: Selecting Luminous Red Galaxies from the DES Science Verification Data"

Bonnett et al. 2015 - "Redshift distributions of galaxies in the DES Science Verification shear catalogue and implications for weak lensing"

Banerji et al. 2015 - "Combining Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data with near-infrared data from the ESO VISTA Hemisphere Survey"

Sanchez et al. 2014 - "Photometric Redshift Analysis in the DES Science Verification Data"

Other Papers using OzDES data:

Nantais et al. 2016 - "Stellar mass function of cluster galaxies at z~1.5: evidence for reduced quenching efficiency at high redshift"

Webb et al. 2015 - "The star formation history of BCGs to z=1.8 from the SpARCS/SWIRE survey: Evidence for significant in-situ star formaiton at high redshift"

OzDES SN Classifications:

DES/OzDES Collaborations (2013) ATel #4668 - "First SN Discoveries from the Dark Energy Survey"

OzDES SN Classification ATels (2013) #4725, #4809, #5568, #5642, #5757

OzDES SN Classification ATels (2014) #6520, #6561, #6679, #6679

OzDES SN Classification ATels (2015) #6932, #8092, #8137, #8164, #8167, #8176, #8367, #8413, #8460, #8464

OzDES SN Classification ATels (2016) #8673, #9504, #9570, #9636, #9637, #9742, #9855

OzDES SN Classification ATels (2017) #9961, #10759, #11146, #11147, #11148

Select DES Project Publications

Survey and Instrument:

DES Collaboration (2005) - Dark Energy Survey White Paper

DePoy et al. (2008) - "Photometric redshifts for the Dark Energy Survey and VISTA and implications for large-scale structure"

Science Forecasts:

Banerji et al. (2008) - "The Dark Energy Camera (DECam)"

Rossetto et al. (2011) - "The Dark Energy Survey: Prospects for Resolved Stellar Populations"

Bernstein et al. (2012) - "Supernova Simulations and Strategies for the Dark Energy Survey"

Davies et al. (2013) - "Detecting massive galaxies at high redshift using the Dark Energy Survey"

Antonik et al. (2013) - "The impact of camera optical alignments on weak lensing measures for the Dark Energy Survey"

Pathfinder Studies:

Lidman et al. (2013) - "An Efficient Approach to Obtaining Large Numbers of Distant Supernova Host Galaxy Redshifts"

Campbell et al. (2013) - "Cosmology with Photometrically Classified Type Ia Supernovae from the SDSS-II Supernova Survey"

Watson et al. (2011) - "A New Cosmological Distance Measure Using Active Galactic Nuclei"