Annual Report 1998


Visitors to MSO

Ms Kate Carnell, ACT Chief Minister

Prof. Jiansheng Chen, Prof. Yaoquan Chu, Dr Hongjun Su, Dr Gang Wang and Mr Jing Zhang, (the Large Sky Area Multi-object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope team).

Visitors to SSO

Hon. John Moore, Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism

Colloquium Speakers

Ed Turner Princeton University

Damian Christian University of California, Berkeley

Roberto Soria RSAA

Paul Butler Anglo-Australian Observatory

Manuel Forestini Universite de Grenoble

Gerhardt Meurer John Hopkins University

Jianke Li ANU Astrophysical Theory Centre

Emanuel Vassiliadis RSAA

Gary Mamon Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris

James Murray ANU Astrophysical Theory Centre

Carole Jackson University of Sydney

Geoff Bicknell RSAA

Mark Wardle University of Sydney

Greg Sloan Australian Defence Force Academy

Doug Gies Georgia State University

Joao Magueijo Imperial College London

Patrick Woudt European Southern Observatory

David Dearborn Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Erwin de Blok Melbourne University

Tyler Bourke Anglo-Australian Observatory

Chris Tinney Anglo-Australian Observatory

Lisa Germany RSAA

David McClelland ANU

Dave Woods Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam

Rodrigo Ibata European Southern Observatory

Joss Bland-Hawthorn Anglo-Australian Observatory

Griet Van de Steene RSAA

Maartje Sevenster RSAA

Martin Bureau RSAA

Tim de Zeeuw Sterrewacht Leiden

Robert Smith RSAA

John Storey University of New South Wales

Hongjun Su Beijing

Mark Allen RSAA

Mihalis Mathioudakis Queens University, Belfast

John Kormendy Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii

Wayne Orchiston Carter Observatory, Weelington

Fiona Hoyle University of Durham

Tammy Smecker-Hane Univerity of California, Irvine

Dennis Sullivan Victoria University Wellington

Phil Nicholson Cornell University

Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Visiting Observers on ANU Telescopes

Albrow, Dr M South African Astronomical Observatory

Allan, Mr A Keele University

Ann, Dr H B Pusan National University, Korea

Baldry, Dr I Sydney University

Beardmore, Dr A Keele University

Bedding, Dr T Sydney University

Begam, Mr M University of Virginia

Bennett, Dr D Notre Dame University

Bignell, Ms H University of Adelaide

Binggeli, Dr B Astronomisches Institut Universitat, Basel

Bland-Hawthorne, Dr J Anglo-Australian Observatory

Bourke, Dr T CfA/ Anglo-Australian Observatory

Boyle, Dr B Anglo-Australian Observatory

Brown, Dr M University of Melbourne

Bureau, Dr M Leiden Observatory

Burton, Dr M University of NSW

Butler, Dr N Notre Dame

Byun, Dr Y National Central University Taiwan

Cally, Dr P Monash University

Chapman, Mr C Sydney University

Cheng, Dr K California State University

Chun, Dr MS Yonsei University, Korea

Couch, Dr W UNSW

Crawford, Dr I A University College London

Cropper, Dr M University College London

Dalton, Dr G Oxford

Davies, Dr R L University of Durham

Deguchi, Dr S Nobeyama Radio Observatory

DePropris, Dr Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Drinkwater, Dr M Anglo-Australian Observatory

Dufton, Dr P L Queens University, Belfast

Elston, Dr R University of Florida

Emerson, Dr J P Queen Mary College, London

Fiegelson, Dr E Pennsylvania State University

Frederick, Dr l University of Virginia

Fujii, Dr T University of Tokyo

Gies, Dr D R Georgia State University

Gilmore, Dr G Cambridge University

Guenther, Dr E Thuringer Landessternwarte, Germany

Han, Dr C Chungbuk National University, Korea

Handler, Dr G University of Vienna

Hartley, Mr M Anglo-Australian Observatory

Hawkins, Dr M Royal Observatory Edinburgh

Hewett, Dr P Cambridge University

Huchtmeir, Dr W MPIfRA, Bonn

Hughes, Dr S Royal Greenwich Observatory

Ianna, Dr PA University of Virginia

Irwin, Dr M Royal Greenwich Observatory

James, Dr D J University of St Andrews

James, Dr S Australian Defence Force Academy

Annual Report 1998

Jeffries, Dr R D Keele University

Johnston, Dr H Anglo-Australian Observatory

Kawanamoto, Mr S University of Tokyo

Kedziora-Chudczer, Ms L Australia Telescope National Facility

Keenan, Dr F P Queens University, Belfast

Kilkenney, Dr D South African astrophysical Observatory

Kim, Dr H-I Korea Astronomy Observatory

Kleinman, Dr S Big Bear Solar Observatory

Koribalski, Dr B Australia Telescope National Facility

Lattanzio, Dr J Monash Universith

Lallement, Dr R CNRS Paris

Lawson, Dr W Australian Defence Force Academy

Lewis, Dr G F University of Victoria

Liske, Mr J UNSW

Lucey, Dr J Durham University

Mader, Ms S L University of Wollongong

Mathioudakis, Dr M Queens University, Belfast

Meurer, Dr G R Johns Hopkins University

Morgan, Dr D ROE

Neff, Dr J University of Charleston, SC

O'Byrne, Dr J University of Sydney

Patterson, Dr R University of Virginia

Parker, Dr Q Anglo-Australian Observatory

Penney, Ms N Macquarie University

Prouton, Dr O Imperial College, London

Quinn, Dr D Australian Defence Force Academy

Ramsay, Dr G University College London

Reiss, Mr D University of Washington

Rhie, Dr S H Notre Dame

Sadler, Dr E M Sydney University

Sealey, Ms K University of NSW

Sharples, Dr R Durham University

Shobbrook, Dr R R retired

Smith, Dr R Durham University

Sood, Dr R Australian Defence Force Academy

Stubbs, Dr C University of Washington

Sung, Dr EC Korea Astronomy Observatory

Sung, Dr H Seoul National University

Thaller, Dr M Georgia State University

Thorstensen, Dr J Dartmouth

Tzioumis, Dr A Australia Telescope National Facility

Vaughan. Dr A Macquarie University

Walker, Dr M Sydney University

Webb, Dr J UNSW

Webster, Dr R University of Melbourne

Welsh, Dr B Y University of California, Berkley

Wright, Dr A ATNF, CSIRO

Wu, Dr K University of Sydney

Zealey, Dr W University of Wollongong